The Live wElle Scholarship provides a measure of hope to local high school seniors seeking to further their education by attending college.

By donating, you make the Live wElle scholarship a reality. Our sholarships provide students with much needed financial assistance to attend and achieve their goals at college.

As more people become aware of, and donate to, the Live wElle Foundation we hope to be able to increase the number of recipients of the Live wElle Scholarship.

Through detailed review of student applications, the Live wElle Board of Directors ensures that the Live wElle scholarship is awarded to a student who demonstrates the following traits: toughness, resiliency, determination, love and geniune care for others.

For more info regarding how students are selected, please see scholarships for more detail.


We thank you in advance for donating. Your contributions are greatly appreciated.

Currently we use the services of to process donations and online registrations.

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